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GM battles Waymo for supremacy

• 5/28/2018

General Motors and Google have emerged as the leaders in developing and deploying self-driving vehicles. They represent a battle between traditional “dinosaur” automakers and technology “disrupters.”

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Hello, World
• 5/28/2018

Welcome to the first issue of Shift, which takes a look at some of the battlegrounds between traditional automakers and innovative disrupters changing the transportation sector.

5 steps to becoming a disrupter
• 5/28/2018

Silicon Valley's work culture may be known for afternoon yoga and video game sessions, but it's not those perks that give the tech hub its edge.

Chase trends, not fads
• 5/28/2018

If automakers don't want to go the way of the dinosaurs, they will need to identify and capitalize on trends in transportation, technology and retail.

Motor City mashup
• 5/28/2018

One hundred and five traditional automakers, chip makers, search engine developers and tiny little startups dot our Silicon Valley map.

Q&A with Henrik Fisker
• 5/28/2018

In this issue, we talk with Henrik Fisker, the luxury car designer who had stints at BMW and Aston Martin before starting his own independent electric car brand intended to take on Tesla.

What's in a word?
• 5/28/2018

In this new mobility era, the words we use today likely will change as the technology develops and gets into the public's hands.

Culture check
• 5/28/2018

Between Uber and Waymo's short-lived trade secrets trial, a rash of autonomous car-related fatalities and Tesla CEO Elon Musk's soap opera lifestyle, it's tough for your everyday mobility news consumer to digest all the...

Just say 'No'
• 5/28/2018

Sometimes the key to success is not what new trends your company chases, but deciding which projects deserve to be nonstarters.

Upstarts & downfalls
• 5/28/2018

Brash Silicon Valley upstarts see the auto industry as ripe for disruption. The industry is slow to change, they say, and they argue it's time to rethink the ways in which vehicles are powered, sold and owned.