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Shadow of '09 bailout shouldn't haunt GM forever

GM has many stakeholders that it must answer to, and do right by, as it undertakes this restructuring. But as of five years ago this week, the federal government isn't one of them.

Was Ghosn too powerful? Ask the industry's other CEOs.

Charges of financial impropriety against Carlos Ghosn raise questions about whether the auto leader had too much power.

Why Mary Barra gets our nod for CEO of the year — again

Amid a lot of noise, Mary Barra has stayed quietly committed to a clearly articulated strategy, kept the egos on her executive team in check and delivered on key business objectives.

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The rebadging of NAFTA

The USMCA is good for the industry not because its terms are favorable, but because the fight is over.

The last temptation of Elon Musk

If you thought Tesla and Elon Musk escaped the clutches of the SEC with a fairly modest punishment, settling civil fraud charges for a mere $20 million each, think again.