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Once an industry joke, electric buses start to dent oil demand
Jeremy Hodges |

Suddenly, buses with battery-powered motors are a serious matter with the potential to revolutionize city transport -- and add to the forces reshaping the energy industry.

Flying taxi start-up hires designer behind modern Mini, Fiat 500
Eric Auchard |

Lilium, a startup with ambitions to put electric "flying taxis" in the air next decade, has hired Frank Stephenson, the designer behind several iconic cars such as the Mini, Fiat 500 and McLaren P1.

Ferrari pushes possible EV launch beyond 2022
Andrea Malan | @anz_andrea |

Ferrari Chairman Sergio Marchionne says the supercar brand will not launch a full-electric car until after its next business plan ends in 2022.

GM, Volvo team with Amazon to deliver packages to customers' cars
Douglas A. Bolduc | BolducANE2014 and Michael Wayland | @MikeWayland |

General Motors and Volvo have partnered with Amazon to offer customers in-vehicle delivery of packages in the United States.

Dealers can drive autonomous future
Paul Whitworth |

The autonomous future is indisputably coming to the automotive industry, but it is up to dealers to decide how that impacts the future of the dealership.

Self-driving cars hitting red lights
Shiraz Ahmed | @shirazzzz |

Federal and state officials, once eager advocates of self-driving cars, now are pumping the brakes and demanding greater accountability and information that auto and tech companies may not be willing to provide.

Quick Shift: Uber dodges driver privacy lawsuit

The driver argued the program reduced his income, but failed to convince the judge it violated the relevant laws he cited.

Quick Shift: Tesla's workplace practices under investigation

California's Division of Occupational Health and Safety said Wednesday it was investigating the automaker over allegations of workplace hazards and misreporting injuries.

Quick Shift: The other fight between Detroit and California

The EPA's decision to roll back emissions standards could pose an engineering problem for Detroit automakers and health problems for Californians.

Tesla's key statistic in Autopilot defense comes under scrutiny
Ryan Beene |

Tesla's ardent defense of its Autopilot system is getting heat from safety advocates who question a key data point the company has been citing to plead its case.

Ford launches shuttle service for nonemergency medical appointments
Michael Martinez | @MikeMartinez_AN |

Patients can schedule pickup and drop-off times up to 30 days in advance of a nonemergency medical appointment. A driver will pick them up from their home or nursing facility and transport them to the hospital and back.

Quick Shift: Toyota touts new talking cars

Toyota's cars will start talking to one another in 2021 using short-range communications technology.


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