Redesigning the Industry

A new auto industry is forming, triggered by a reimagining of the vehicle itself. New business models are coalescing, centered on technology innovators, fleet operators, services businesses and platform providers.

How will it all shake out?


Our 5-part series launches with contributions from the clairvoyant and from some very good guessers. Much of what they have to say will shock you.

VIDEO: Why this is the auto industry's 'Darwin age'

Han Hendriks says startup mobility players are not 'handcuffed' by a century of automotive history. Instead, new firms are looking to adopt pay-per-use business models from other industries and rapidly apply them to the auto sector. Hendriks, who serves as chief technology officer for auto interiors supplier Yanfeng, says traditional OEMs must evolve in the eyes of consumers to survive.


In the second of our 5-part series, we look at how fast and unrelenting changes in technology have forced automakers to re-examine what they want to be and how they want to get there.

VIDEO: PSA's new N.A. boss: 'We live in an Amazon world'

Larry Dominique says changing shopping behaviors are the reason French automaker PSA Group's first plan of action as it re-enters the U.S. market is developing a mobility strategy that offers services without its cars. After more than three decades in the business, the GM-Chrysler-Nissan-TrueCar veteran says there are “better margins at times when focusing on some of these service-based businesses than pure manufacturing.”


In the third of our 5-part series, we look at how suppliers are reimagining themselves and regrouping into new partnerships to deliver the vehicles of the future.


In the fourth of our 5-part series, we examine how dealerships will survive upheaval of the business model by shifting their focus toward mobility services and away from selling cars.

VIDEO: Dealers must become as ‘efficient as Amazon,’ as ‘enjoyable as Apple’

Don Flow says there’s a “brutal reality” confronting his dealer peers as new developments such as ride-hailing services force the age-old auto retailing model to evolve. The CEO of the 36-franchise Flow Automotive Cos. says dealers will survive and flourish – but they must become digital companies and focus on creating a personalized experience for customers.

ADVERTORIAL: Are We There Yet? An Industry in Transition

The Food Chain

In 2030, automakers will be joined in uneasy alliances with suppliers, mega-dealers and giant fleet owners. Which of these groups will be calling the shots?

VIDEO: Why 'the consumer is the CEO'

Customers and countries will be among the automotive sector's biggest power brokers as the industry races toward an era of electrified vehicles and robocars. That's why automakers and parts suppliers are developing various zero-emission technologies and personalized car interiors while keeping an eye on regulatory changes from the '800-pound gorilla' in the room.


The industry's future reads like a science-fiction novel

Discussing the future, even with Jim Lentz of highly successful Toyota, can be a deeply disorienting task.